EPISODE 155 | MARCH 13, 2024

Charting a Path to the C-Suite

In this insightful episode, listeners are offered a rare glimpse into the career journey of Lisa Sellers, the CEO of Vector Labs, who has successfully climbed to the C-suite by harnessing her strengths and leading with authenticity. The conversation with host Natalie Benamou explores how Lisa discovered how by embracing her core strengths was a key catalyst in propelling her career forward. Lisa's narrative is not merely about ascending the corporate ladder; it's an in-depth look into authentic leadership and the crucial moments that define a career, involving leaps of faith and self-belief.

Listeners are guided through the professional landscape's complexities, likened to navigating a new city. The episode underscores the significance of being receptive to feedback, actively seeking guidance, and cultivating strong relationships to flourish. With a focus on professional growth, the dialogue opens up about the intricacies of feedback, from formal 360 reviews to impromptu sessions, and how they shape one's career. Cross-cultural communication strategies and creating strategic partnerships in a global business environment are also explored.

The essence of the episode lies in the concept of authenticity as a cornerstone of effective leadership. The host shares a personal account of advocating for a colleague, demonstrating the impact of standing by one's principles. This episode serves as a blueprint for those looking to lead with conviction and create a workplace that supports every individual.

“You don't need a long list of strengths. It's the three things, and you'll find that, whether you're early in your career or late in your career, there's some commonality.” – Lisa Sellers



Key Chapters:

1. (0:00:02) Finding Three Strengths for Success (13 Minutes): Lisa Sellers shares her story, emphasizing the significance of three core strengths in her career trajectory, from her early days in product management to her role in venture capital and ultimately as CEO.

2. (0:12:33) Navigating Growth Through Feedback and Relationships (6 Minutes): The importance of continuous learning, relationship-building, and understanding cross-cultural nuances is discussed, along with strategic partnership development within a global corporate structure.

3. (0:18:41) Staying True to Core Values (4 Minutes): The episode reflects on the importance of authenticity and the courage to stand by one's convictions in the workplace, sharing a personal story that underlines professional integrity.

4. (0:22:17) Empowering Leaders Through Authenticity (1 Minute): The host thanks Lisa for her insights and highlights the significance of advocacy and allyship in the workplace, while also promoting her company's services for leaders.

Transcript Highlights:

Lisa emphasizes the need to focus on strengths rather than risks, a mindset that has been instrumental in her career advancement. She advocates for clarity on one's strengths, which remain constant across various roles, and the importance of surrounding oneself with a supportive network. 

The episode encourages leaders to be open-minded, embrace opportunities, and take calculated risks by leveraging their unique strengths. Additionally, Lisa's approach to receiving feedback from all levels within an organization and her emphasis on building relationships underscore her philosophy of inclusive and authentic leadership.

This episode with Lisa Sellers offers valuable lessons on leadership, self-awareness, and the power of authenticity in the journey to the C-suite.

About Alison Jacobson

Alison Jacobson is a coach, speaker, author, and host of the podcast Midlife Mavericks. She empowers women in midlife to conquer self-doubt to confidently achieve their goals and unlock the success they deserve.

She’s built three multi six-figure businesses while managing the role of caregiver for her son with Intellectual Disabilities and her husband with MS. Her journey includes conquering the NYC Marathon at 57, proving it’s never too late for transformation.

I coach women on how to get past their limiting beliefs, learn to prioritize their own happiness and success and confidently achieve their goals.

I specifically help them reframe their mindset around financial lack in order to feel empowered to grow their business.

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