EPISODE 156 | MARCH 20, 2024

Empowering Women’s Health Conversations with Georgie Kovacs, Founder and CEO, Fempower Health

In a world where women's health issues often take a backseat, the journey to empowerment through health literacy matters. Georgie Kovacs, Founder and CEO of Fempower Health, is leading the way in transforming her personal challenge with infertility into a movement. Fempower Health educates and inspires women to take charge of their health. Listen to personal and relatable stories that Georgie Kovacs shares with host Natalie Benamou. This interview will leave you feeling empowered for your health.

Episode Highlights:

Empowering Women's Health Through Education: An introduction to Georgie Kovacs and the mission of Fempower Health.

Journey to Empower Women's Health: A dive into the personal challenges and broader issues faced by women seeking health solutions.

Advocacy in Women's Healthcare: The significance of being informed and ready to partner with or change healthcare providers.

Future: A reflection on the progress and challenges in women's health advocacy, research, and the slow pace of systemic change.

Promoting Women's Health Programs: An encouragement to utilize the information shared to improve healthcare experiences and explore additional resources

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Empowerment Through Education:

    he mission of Fempower Health is to provide women with evidence-based insights and support, empowering them to have proactive discussions with healthcare providers. It all starts with understanding our body, recognizing health signs, and advocating for oneself effectively in clinical settings.

  2. Challenges and Advocacy of Infertility:

    Georgie shares her personal journey through infertility, underscoring the significant learning curve she faced in understanding her body and fertility treatments. Her experience highlights the broader issue of gaps in women's health knowledge and the critical need for advocacy and perseverance in seeking appropriate care and answers.

  3. Be Perpared:

    Know details about yourself before you go to a healthcare appointment.  By taking time to self-assess and be aware of one's symptoms it helps health providers treat the condition.

Favorite Quotes:

 “The more that we understand our bodies, the more we are informed about changes that are happening with our bodies and just educated about the way our bodies should work, we can have much more proactive conversations with our clinicians and advocate much more effectively.” – Georgie Kovacs

“One of the things I hear quite often is this is not just women's health, it's all of healthcare. Anything that's chronic and doesn't have a diagnosis, is really challenging.” – Georgie Kovacs

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About Georgie Kovacs

With over 20 years in healthcare, working for industry giants like Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Pfizer, and Syneos, Georgie Kovacs founded Fempower Health in 2020 after personal infertility struggles. The platform offers women evidence-based insights, collaborating with experts to transform women's health narratives, ensuring access to essential knowledge and support.

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