EPISODE 135 | OCTOBER 25, 2023

Driving Growth on Purpose with Claire Chandler

If CHROs truly want to drive growth on purpose in their organizations, they need to have a magnetic why, find ways to create limitless talent and ways to create cultural cohesion and strategic alignment.

And if you want to learn how to have growth on purpose, join this conversation with Claire Chandler, President and Founder of Talent Boost and host Natalie Benamou.

Join us as we explore how Claire is helping businesses to grow purposefully by aligning their culture and leadership. Listen to Claire's inspiring journey from corporate America to becoming an entrepreneur, following a cancer diagnosis. Discover the role of CHROs in developing a magnetic vision to create limitless talent and cultural cohesion.

3 Ways Leadership Impact Growth:

  1. Leaders have the biggest impact on the culture: The behavior, mindset, consistency, and the ability of leaders to build genuine trust can greatly influence the culture within a company. Leaders also have the most impact and play a pivotal role in ensuring cultural cohesion and aligning the company's vision, mission, and values.

  2. The importance of HR in leadership: Human Resources (HR) plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between business and culture, helping to align the talent strategy with the business strategy. HR can be a strategic partner in mergers and acquisitions, ensuring the compatibility of cultures and facilitating the smooth integration of teams.

  3. The role of leaders in talent development: Leaders are responsible for harnessing and developing the potential within their teams. This includes identifying top performers and replicating their success throughout the organization. It is important to ensure that employees see a clear career path within the organization to boost retention and engagement.


Mergers and Acquisition Big Idea:

The A Player Success Blueprint: It is designed to help organizations navigate through growth and business expansion, particularly during mergers and acquisitions. The blueprint encourages organizations to identify their top performers – the right talent – and to quantify what makes them so effective.

This information can then be used to attract and build similar talent, aligning with the company's unique growth journey. The aim is to create a culture that underpins the growth strategy, allowing for more sustainable and efficient business expansion. This method help prevent culture clashes that often occur during mergers and acquisitions.


Favorite Quotes:

 “Business leaders are finally recognizing not only that they cannot achieve their growth strategy without people, but that culture is not a squishy HR term. The culture truly is foundational.” – Clair Chandler

“HR has an unprecedented opportunity right now to shift the conversation and to get everybody aligned. We need to have a talent strategy that moves the needle, because without the talent strategy being in alignment, your business strategy, however brilliant or aspirational it might be, is doomed to fail.” – Claire Chandler

“One of the best ways to meld the best of both cultures is to say give me your short list of who would you consider, within your entity and your entity, your top performers, not just the ones who get great results, but the ones who behave in the ways that we want right, the ones that you constantly catch yourself saying if only I could clone this person with that team.” – Claire Chandler

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About Claire Chandler

President and Founder of Talent Boost, Claire Chandler specializes in aligning HR and business leaders so they can deliver strategic outcomes… both today and in the future. She taps into over 25 years of experience in people leadership, human resources, and business ownership to help leadership teams work together more effectively in less time, with less cultural resistance, so they can accelerate their business growth. She has broad-based expertise in management team due diligence, organizational design, acquisition integration and onboarding, strategic planning, executive coaching, and performance acceleration.

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