EPISODE 134 | OCTOBER 18, 2023

Embracing Positivity and Resilience with Sally Wolf

Exploring how we respond and interact with life’s big challenges can oftentimes feel overwhelming.  Our featured guest Sally Wolf, CEO and Founder of Lightworks embodies a radiant positivity that's as captivating as it is inspiring. Sally shares her personal journey living with metastatic breast cancer and how she left her media career after twenty years.

We explore her experience proactively taking steps to guard against breast cancer starting in her early thirties and how things unfolded after her diagnosis. This uplifting conversation has as its cornerstone the belief that we all will face adversity at some point in our lives. Knowing how to respond in a way that moves us through is so important.

3 Ideas Worth Sharing

  1. In October, it is important to recognize that there is a path for women who are living with metastatic breast cancer that falls outside of the two lines of being cured or not surviving.
  2. Even when we believe we have done everything right, life can deal us an unexpected diagnosis.  Sally shares how she tells her doctors she will live to 88 which is double infinity.
  3. When we successfully navigate through a challenging health situation, pay it forward by asking that other patients don’t encounter the same barriers you just overcame.

Favorite Quotes:

“I have come to realize that it's not just about being cured or passing away. There is another space, there is another lane, and my greatest wish is that October would give more space for that to be understood.”
– Sally Joy Wolf, CEO and Founder, LightWorks

“I see well-being as the final frontier of DEI and I see individual flourishing as a piece of DEI.”
-Sally Joy Wolf, CEO, and Founder, LightWorks

“I've learned from Steve Jobs that we can only most meaningfully look back on our lives and make sense of our lives when we connect the dots looking backward.”
– Sally Joy Wolf, CEO and Founder, LightWorks

When we recorded this interview it was on World Gratitude day. We are so grateful to Sally Wolf for all the ways she shines her light out in the world. It was also before the terrible attack on Israel October 7th. We encourage you to reach out to friends and colleagues and show your support.

Thank you, Sally, for all the ways you continue to shine your light out in the world.

About Sally Wolf

Her company, LightWorks, advises corporate clients in their wellbeing strategies through executive advisory work, team workshops, and individual coaching. Her work integrates her studies at Harvard (AB, psychology) and Stanford (MBA, MA Education), her certifications in positive psychology, coaching, resilience, meditation, and Sparketype advising, and her lived experience with metastatic breast cancer. She also regularly speaks about authenticity, vulnerability, post-traumatic growth, resilience, and positivity, and advocates for health equity, inclusivity and safety, particularly on behalf of cancer survivors and those who are immunocompromised.

Prior to her wellbeing work, Sally was a media executive at NBCUniversal and Time Warner, where she created and launched OneFifty, a content incubator for innovative, diverse storytellers. A former camp counselor, Sally still passionately brings childlike wonder, creativity, and community into everything she does, most especially her adventures with her nephew and nieces.

She is a LinkedIn Top Voice and welcomes you to connect or follow her here.

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