EPISODE 142 | DECEMBER 20, 2023

How Great Leaders Embrace Opportunities and Don't Get Stuck with Marcia Daszko

In a rapidly changing business landscape, adaptability is crucial. Discover how you can embrace the unknown in this latest interview with featured guest Marcia Daszko as she shares insights into the power of strategic change. Marcia has a super power of helping companies experience explosive growth. Listen to this bestselling author of PIVOT DISRUPT TRANSFORM.

The Power of Strategic Questioning and Transparency

Discover how you can exponentially grow your organization as Marcia describes the key insights every leader needs to increase revenue and grow.

Listen in as host Natalie Benamou  further explores with Marcia the challenges of board governance and executive leadership. 

We tap into how Marcia helps create a business turnaround strategy. Marcia unveils her three-phase approach to assessing and improving organizations, stressing the importance of education and teamwork. This episode is packed with wisdom, practical advice, and resources for leaders aiming to excel in their careers and organizations.


 “Successful leaders embrace discomfort. They are adept at identifying and overcoming fears and barriers.” – Marcia Daszko

 “Leaders foster growth by overcoming fears and barriers through clear, supportive communication.” – Marcia Daszko

About Marcia Daszko

Marcia is a catalyst for strategic change and innovation, a professional speaker, MBA professor, and leadership transformation author of PIVOT DISRUPT TRANSFORM.

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