EPISODE 158 | APRIL 3, 2024

How Servant Leaders Bridge the Generation Gap with Amy Scott

Have you ever wondered how to lead in a way that connects with every generation under your wing? That's exactly what Amy Scott, Founder, Kaleidoscope Strategies and host Natalie Benamou explore shared insights on servant leadership's power to unify diverse teams. We're peeling back the layers of empathy, empowerment, and engagement, essential ingredients for any leader aiming to uplift their team in today's evolving workplace landscape. 

Our discussion zeroes in on the challenges and opportunities presented by Gen Z's arrival in the professional world and the transformative impact of understanding and serving your team's unique needs.

Leadership isn't just about guiding—it's about communication that resonates and offering mentorship is valuable. In this heart-to-heart, Amy and Natalie explore the subtleties of providing feedback that genuinely values employees, celebrating the small successes that fuel workplace morale. We dissect the importance of mentors who push you out of your comfort zone and the difference they make in shaping careers. Touching on tools like Gallup StrengthFinders, we highlight how aligning personal strengths with professional roles can lead to a more satisfied and productive team.

Finally, we offer a masterclass on rekindling your in-person communication and networking skills in a world that's rapidly alternating between virtual and physical spaces. Natalie shares a personal story of re-entering the networking scene with a sense of curiosity and the strategies she uses to create vital connections. 

We emphasize the importance of creating intentional spaces for enjoyment and collaboration, ensuring teams thrive in any work environment. Tune in for an episode brimming with strategies and stories to ignite your leadership journey and foster a culture of connection within your organization.

3 Favorite Quotes

“Empathy, empowerment, and engagement are the core principles of servant leadership that bridge generational communication gaps and enhance both career progression and business performance.” – Amy Scott 

“One in three employees say they have not been positively recognized in seven days. It doesn't have to be a performance review; simple recognitions like acknowledging great performance in a meeting can make a big impact.” – Amy Scott

Curiosity is key when networking. Asking questions and being genuinely interested in others can help bridge any awkwardness and lead to meaningful connections.” – Amy Scott

Thank you Amy for sharing your insights today and for helping inspire leaders to use empathy, empowerment and engagement to bridge the generation gap.

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About Amy

Amy Scott has decades of leadership experience. She specializes in bridging generational communication gaps in the workplace.  Her mission is to foster meaningful connections between young professionals and managers, nurturing engagement and career progression through servant leadership principles.

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