EPISODE 159 | APRIL 10, 2024

Navigating the Rise to CEO for Women with Jennifer McCollum, President & CEO, Catalyst

Get ready to be inspired by Jennifer McCollum, President and CEO of Catalyst, as she reveals the blueprint for women's ascent to leadership roles. In this conversation with host Natalie Benamou, Jennifer talks about her book “In Her Own Voice: A Woman's Rise to CEO,” offering  practical advice for women aiming for the top and the organizations championing their cause.

In this conversation, Jennifer differentiates between mentorship and sponsorship and why we need male allies.

Key Takeaways

  • Women must be comfortable engaging men in their networks for allyship, mentorship, or sponsorship. 
  • Organizations need to recognize and amplify women's contributions in meetings and address the ‘third shift' to create more equitable workplaces. 
  • AI tools may help reduce the burden of office housework traditionally falling on women.  Sponsorship often cannot be requested but is earned, whereas mentorship can be a mutual and beneficial relationship cultivated over time. 
  • It is vital for C-suite executives, particularly men who hold the majority of leadership positions, to engage in creating a supportive environment for women leaders.

“Leadership is a collective journey, shaped by mentors and sponsors, crucial for turning aspirations into achievements.” – Jennifer McCollum on women's support systems in leadership.

“Gender equality isn't just morally right; it's essential for business. Organizations flourish by utilizing their diverse talent.” – Jennifer McCollum

“Inclusive leadership requires intentional actions, accountability, and commitment to ensure everyone's voice is heard and everyone can succeed.” – Jennifer McCollum 

As we take in the wealth of knowledge shared by Jennifer McCollum, it becomes clear that empowering women to the top is not merely a matter of individual ambition. It requires a collective effort to transform corporate culture, to engage men as allies and sponsors, and to implement practical strategies that address the unique challenges faced by women in leadership.

Thank you Jennifer McCollum for being a featured guest today.  We especially appreciate HerCsuite® member Mylene Barizo for introducing us.  You can meet amazing leaders like Mylene inside HerCsuite® network.

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About Jennifer

Jennifer McCollum is on a mission to create better leaders and workplaces, by advancing women and promoting inclusivity. 

She’s an accomplished CEO, speaker and consultant, and the author of the new book “In Her Own Voice: A Woman's Rise to CEO.” This book uses data and personal stories to shed light on the unique challenges women face on their journey to leadership, providing actionable insights for aspiring leaders and organizations. 

Jennifer was the first female CEO at Linkage, a global leadership development firm dedicated to “Changing the Face of Leadership.” With over 25 years of experience building teams and organizations, she has a unique talent for crafting powerful visions and inspiring teams to turn them into reality. Her expertise includes how to close the gap to gender equity; why the most effective leaders are inclusive leaders; and how to demystify inclusion for leaders and organizations. Effective April 2024, Jennifer becomes the new President & CEO of Catalyst, a global nonprofit organization focused on gender equity and workplace inclusion. 

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