EPISODE 153 | FEBRUARY 28, 2024

How to Create a Success Calling Card with Kathy Miller, President and Founder YK2020

Are you ready to create a lasting impression? Join host Natalie Benamou in a compelling conversation with Kathy Miller, President and Founder of Y2K2000. Kathy is a trailblazer in the manufacturing industry and started her career at 17, working on the factory floor. Discover how she climbed the corporate ladder to senior roles at some of the largest manufacturing companies globally. Her story highlights how perseverance, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence is possible in a male dominated industry.

Kathy’s story is not only about her past accomplishments but also serves as a strategic guide for the future. She shares her valuable insights on how to create diverse, successful teams and pave the way for women in the manufacturing industry.

Kathy Miller’s Success Formula:

  1. Forming positive relationships
  2. Recognizing the realities of the situation you're in
  3. Generating results and letting them be your calling card
  4. Being your authentic self

3 Big Ideas:

  1. Inspirational Leadership: Kathy's personal journey, starting from the factory floor and leading all the way to the executive suite, is a shining example of the transformative power of determination and adaptability. Her story shows that regardless of your starting point, with resilience and a readiness to adapt, you can reach the top echelons of success.
  2. Building Teams: In all industries it is important to focus on inclusivity and diversity in team dynamics, highlighting how these elements can drive innovation, improve problem-solving, and enhance team performance.
  3. Career Advice: This is the best time for women in the manufacturing sector and there is a lot of opportunity for growth.


“My journey is not just about my past accomplishments, but serves as a strategic guide for the future.”

“Creating diverse, successful teams is a valuable strategy for any industry.”

“As a woman in the manufacturing industry, my goal is to light the way for future generations.”

Thank you Kathy for sharing your journey and for being a valued member of HerCsuite® Boards, Entrepreneur and Innovation Women Circles.

About Kathy Miller

Kathy Miller is a Senior Operations Executive/Independent Board Director who has held numerous global vice president and director roles at companies, including senior positions at General Motors, Delphi, Parker Hannifin, Rolls-Royce, and Vertiv.  Kathy is a published author, keynote speaker, coach, and operations strategy consultant.  Her book is titled “Steel Toes and Stilettos.”

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