EPISODE 152 | FEBRUARY 21, 2024

Be the Exception with Annie Meehan, Founder, AM Speaking and Consulting

In a world where success is often measured by accomplishments and comparisons, Annie Meehan invites us to rethink how we view ourselves. Annie Meehan is a keynote speaker, bestselling author of 7 books and Founder of AM Speaking and Consulting. She shares with host Natalie Benamou the power of authentic connection and generosity. 

Annie reveals her personal shift from seeking external validation to finding fulfillment in being a contributor to others' lives. Her book, “Be the Exception,” serves as a beacon for those looking to rewrite their personal stories, illustrating the profound impact of embracing self-acceptance.

Here are 3 key takeaways:

  1. The Importance of Positive Self-Talk: Annie emphasizes the transformative effect of how we speak to ourselves, particularly highlighting the challenges women often face in affirming their self-worth. She encourages listeners to be the architects of their own narratives and to believe in their potential.
  2. Embrace Collaboration Over Comparison: Success isn't a zero-sum game, and Annie beautifully illustrates the significance of lifting others as we climb. By building a community that thrives on mutual support and kindness, we can all find a place at the communal table of achievement.
  3. Defining Success on Your Own Terms: Annie's personal definition of success, rooted in her 31-year relationship with her husband, serves as a powerful reminder that success is subjective and should align with one's personal values and joys, not just professional milestones.

These takeaways are further brought to life by impactful quotes from Annie during the episode:

“When you begin to see yourself worthy, it changes everything. You begin to stand taller, speak louder and claim your space in this world.” – Annie Meehan

“Don't view others as competitors, but rather as allies in this journey we call life. We all have unique strengths and we are stronger when we combine them.” – Annie Meehan


“You have the power to shape your reality. What you focus on, you attract. Choose to focus on positivity, opportunities and growth.” – Annie Meehan

Annie reminds us that our focus determines our reality. By consciously seeking the good and the potential in situations and people, we can transform our outlook and, subsequently, our life's trajectory.

Annie Meehan is HerCsuite® Women’s Program Keynote speaker in May. She will deep dive into Be The Exception: 7 Steps to Transformation. As we reflect on Annie's empowering words, let's commit to becoming the exception in our own lives, shattering ceilings, and embracing the power within. 

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Thank you Annie for being a featured guest, keynote speaker and valued member of HerCsuite®. Shout out to our alliance partner Bobbie Carlton and Innovation Women.

Keep shining your light bright. The world needs you.

About Annie Meehan

Annie Meehan is a professional keynote speaker that inspires, educates, and activates her audiences with a clear message that spurs listeners to break counterproductive patterns and be the exception! As a widely embraced international speaker, she has been a catalyst in inspiring countless organizations to choose to soar above the status quo. As an expert on living an exceptional life, Meehan encourages her audiences to remove any barriers preventing them from achieving their goals.

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