EPISODE 129 | SEPTEMBER 13, 2023

Prioritizing Well-Being Promotes Productivity with Terre Short, CEO of Thriving Leader Collaborative

What if we told you there is a better way to enhance productivity? A way that doesn't require burning out but instead focuses on your well-being? This was the enlightening message shared by Terre Short, a beacon of wisdom in the world of leadership and productivity, during a recent podcast episode.

In this episode, we had the opportunity to speak with Terre Short, an author, speaker, coach, and creator of Thriving Leader Collaborative. In a world where busyness often equates to productivity, Terre brings to light the importance of prioritizing our well-being to truly thrive and achieve success.

Listen to these insights from her conversation with Podcast Host Natalie Benamou and discover valuable takeaways on the role of mindfulness and well-being in fostering productivity.

3 Ways to Prioritize Your Well-Being:

1. The Power of Habit Stacking

Habit stacking is a strategy Terre champions. It involves pairing two habits together so that one naturally follows the other, making it easier to build and maintain new routines. For instance, while brushing your teeth, set an intention for the day. This way, a simple daily task becomes a prompt for mindfulness.

2. The FAST Approach

FAST stands for Focus, Alignment, Single-tasking, and Time. It encourages being completely present and engaged in one task at a time, aligning with the purpose of the task, and efficiently using time to complete it. This approach promotes efficiency and helps to overcome procrastination.

3. Peak Performance Through Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an essential tool for peak mental achievement. According to Terre, a mere 12 minutes of mindfulness a day can enhance focus, overcome procrastination, and pave the path to success.

3 Favorite Quotes:

      1. “The neuroscience now indicates that we know prioritizing our own well-being enables us to be more productive.” – Terre Short
      2. “Prioritizing our own well-being enables us to be more productive. It's our time now to choose to do that.” – Terre Short
      3. “The more you ask yourself how well did I attend to my spirit, to my sense of well-being today, the more you'll do it, the more that it'll benefit you.” – Terre Short

Terre's insights remind us that prioritizing well-being is not a luxury, but a necessity for productivity. By incorporating practices like habit stacking, adopting the FAST approach, and being mindful, we can enhance our productivity while maintaining our mental and physical health.”

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About Terre Short

Terre Short is an author, speaker, coach, and creator of Thriving Leader Collaborative. She is a leadership and communications expert and the author of “The Words We Choose: Your Guide to How and Why Words Matter”, and co-author of the best seller, “The Great LeadHERship Awakening”.
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