EPISODE 148 | JANUARY 24, 2024

Transforming the Patient Experience with Lauren Orlick, Co-Founder HeartSnug

Join us as Lauren Orlick from HeartSnug brings to light her mission to reinvent the patient experience for women. Listen in as Lauren shares with host Natalie Benamou the story behind HeartSnug's creation—an adjustable, X-ray safe, latex-free chest garment that offers dignity and comfort during medical procedures. Born out of personal encounters with the healthcare system, including her mother's cancer journey and her co-founder Sara Dorband’s lifelong heart journey. 

Lauren discusses the long-overdue need for innovation in patient care apparel which hasn’t been updated in 100 years. This conversation explores not only the product itself, but the broader implications for patient advocacy and the recognition of women's health needs within the healthcare industry and ways industry and government policies can make access equitable.

In our heartfelt discussion, we tackle the concept of patients feeling like they have an option for privacy, especially for young people who often feel most vulnerable in clinical settings. The traditional hospital gown is often a thick material that is difficult to fit properly.  HeartSnug aims to restore a sense of control and dignity to patients.

Favorite Quotes

 “Innovation isn't just about creating new technology; it's about understanding human needs and responding with empathy. – Lauren Orlick

“HeartSnug embodies transforming healthcare apparel to honor the comfort and dignity of patients, proving that true innovation touches the heart as much as it does the mind.” – Lauren Orlick 

“We are giving patients a voice and a choice in their healthcare experience. It's about bringing humanity back to the forefront of medical care.” – Lauren Orlick 

“HeartSnug represents more than an apparel revolution; our innovation is driven by compassion and a deep understanding of patient advocacy.” – Lauren Orlick 

About Lauren Orlick

Lauren saw firsthand how dispiriting the medical process can be when her mother went through a battle with cancer. Always looking to be a part of the solution, Lauren was inspired to search for ways for patients to feel comfortable during procedures that are awkward and associated with physical exposure and emotional vulnerability. Her primary goal in co-founding HeartSnug is to help patients feel protected and covered – literally!


We encourage you to share this episode with all women in your lives, patients, providers and family members who could benefit.

Thank you Lauren, for being on HerCsuite® Radio and for sharing your story today!

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HeartSnug: The World's 1st Adjustable & Disposable Medical Chest Coverage


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