EPISODE 149 | JANUARY 30, 2024

Beyond a Seat at the Table: Strategies to Amplify Your Voice with Sharon Delaney McCloud

Have you ever felt like your ideas are overshadowed in meetings? Find out how to be a curious communicator and better influencer in this special interview with Sharon Delaney McCloud, an Emmy-award-winning journalist and esteemed coach. Sharon shines a light for women empowerment and strong leadership. Discover strategies for commanding attention and navigating high-stakes presentations. 

Three Takeaways

  1. Discover the essential components of powerful public speaking.  It is important to not only be heard but also the impact of non-verbal cues such as body language and executive presence in high-stakes environments like board meetings.
  2. Find out the steps to preparation for an important meeting. Discover actionable advice on developing a signature talk and practicing delivery to ensure one's message is conveyed effectively and with confidence, regardless of the audience size or the formality of the setting.
  3. Hear how personal branding and thought leadership for women in professional spaces is important.  Learn how to engage the audience with strategies that enhance your visibility and influence within your organizations and beyond.

Favorite Quotes

“Speak up, because your voice matters. Make an impact, not just an impression.”- Sharon Delaney McCloud

“High-stakes presentations are a test of character and confidence. Manage your anxiety, deliver clear messages, and captivate your audience.”- Sharon Delaney McCloud

“Female empowerment is not a buzzword; it's a call to action. Embrace leadership, and you'll see tremendous growth in all areas of life.”- Sharon Delaney McCloud

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About Sharon

Sharon Delaney McCloud calls herself a citizen of the world. She’s the daughter of Irish immigrants whose adventures led them to Kenya and Tanzania where Sharon was born and lived as a young child.

Her travels took her around the globe as a member of the Department of Defense’s U.S.O. program before Sharon began her career as an Emmy Award winning television journalist covering everything from NASA to politics to the Super Bowl. After 20 years in TV, Sharon   founded what would become a 3-time honored INC 5000 communications firm. Now, Sharon leads professional and leadership development programs for C-Suite executives to startup founders to emerging leaders at Fortune 500 companies and beyond.

As the mother of three, Sharon considers that job her most important as she attempts to keep all the balls in the air in our fast-paced lives.  She’s a TEDx Speaker, cancer slayer, Olympic Torch Bearer and a communications pro who inspires audiences by amplifying their impact in business and life.

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MARCH 1st, 12:00PM CT / 1:00PM ET


Powerful Strategies to Amplify Your Voice


In today's professional world, your communication must rise above obstacles like the waning human attention span, distraction, bias, technology and other challenges. In group settings, men are 75% more likely to speak up than women, under-represented minorities and introverts. And when a woman, minority or introvert does speak up, it's statistically probable that their male counterparts will either interrupt them or speak over them.

What does this mean? If you're not ready to fight to be heard through ally-building strategies, your potential could be silenced. In this engaging, actionable session, Sharon will share how to amplify your voice figuratively (and literally) and hone your message to make certain that your voice is heard – so that you truly have a voice, and not just a seat, at the table.


  • Discover strategies to amplify your voice using proven techniques from global leaders.
  • Find development tactics to strengthen your communication style.
  • Understand how body language and vocal delivery affect your overall communication.



President McCloud Consulting Inc.

Sharon is an Emmy Award-winning broadcaster, TEDx Speaker, and Certified Diversity Executive. As an agency owner and communications expert, she helps people make an impact in business and life through the power of communication.

Sharon is a fierce advocate for women in business and offers programs that elevate their careers. Her diverse client list includes companies such as Cisco, Lenovo, and Duke University. With over 20 years of experience covering everything from NASA to politics, Sharon is a storytelling expert who can ignite change.


HerCsuite® is an official product of HerPower2 Inc. |  all rights reserved – Privacy PolicyTerms & Conditions

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