EPISODE 161 | APRIL 24 2024

BAM! Pivot to Purpose with Natalie Benamou, Founder, HerCsuite®

Unexpected events can shift the course of our lives, but they also offer opportunities to find new purpose and inspire others along the way. Natalie Benamou, Host of Women Leaders on the Move and Founder of HerCsuite® shares her experience with a brain injury that led her to discover a new path.

A Shift Out of Nowhere

Natalie was on her way to a major conference when her life took an unexpected turn. She was getting settled on a plane when a 15-pound laptop bag hit her head, causing a concussion and a traumatic brain injury. This changed everything. She lost her photographic memory, and constant vertigo made even the simplest activities, like riding in a car, a challenge.

Finding Purpose Amidst Adversity

Despite the pain and confusion, Natalie knew she had to find a new direction. Instead of dwelling on what she lost, she embraced the opportunity to invent something new. This shift led her to a women's networking event that became a turning point in her life. Despite her memory issues and self-doubt, Natalie found support and guidance in a community of inspirational women at the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA).

The Power of a Strong Community

Natalie's leadership journey with HBA was pivotal not only in volunteer roles but also in leading and scaling organizations. She discovered strength, resilience and the power to rise up to achieve new levels of sales success by surrounding herself with amazing women.

Stepping into Leadership

The story of her journey of  becoming President of the HBA Chicago chapter is a testament to her focus on persistence. Through her leadership, she created programs that elevated women in healthcare, increasing attendance and membership numbers in the process. This experience revealed her belief that all women should feel valued.

Lessons from the Journey

Natalie's story is a reminder that when life throws unexpected challenges our way, we can find the strength to pivot and embrace change. It's also an example of the power of community—how surrounding yourself with supportive people can make all the difference. Most importantly, her story shows that real success takes hard work, resilience, and the courage to take on new roles, even when you're not sure you're ready.

Favorite Quotes:

“Only you can summon the courage to take a step forward to leadership. It is your courage that will empower you to persist when you are faced with a challenge.”
-Natalie Benamou, Founder, HerCsuite®

“When you are faced with a choice, listen to the messages your heart is telling you, open yourself up to the possibilities, and embrace all that you are meant to be.”
-Natalie Benamou, Founder, HerCsuite®

“The key to taking a new leadership role is to roll up your sleeves and put in the work. If you've been waiting for the right moment, I'm here to tell you there is no perfect moment- just do it.
-Natalie Benamou, Founder, HerCsuite®

“One of the most important things we can do as a leader is to express gratitude. Be thankful to friends and colleagues and your team. Let them know they matter.”
-Natalie Benamou, Founder, HerCsuite®

A Message of Hope

This personal story proves that even in the face of adversity, we can shape our future. By embracing unexpected change and staying resilient, we can overcome obstacles and make a difference. 

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