EPISODE 160 | APRIL 17, 2024

Elevate Your Visibility and Share Your Strengths with Dr. Alessandra Wall, CEO, Noteworthy

When hard work isn't enough, how do we ensure our efforts are acknowledged and celebrated? Dr. Alessandra Wall joins host Natalie Benamou this week to unravel this dilemma, especially for women looking to advance in their careers. Dr. Wall guides us how to gain visibility and feel empowered to share our strength.

The journey to fulfillment in one's career is rarely a straight line. From child clinical psychologist to executive coaching, Dr. Wall experienced burnout and embraced failure, transforming these experiences into powerful lessons for personal and organizational success. In this episode, we discover how aligning our work with joy and fulfillment can offer a rich, multifaceted definition of success that transcends conventional metrics.

Dr. Wall empowers us to confidently articulate our unique contributions, ensuring they resonate in every scenario.

Key Takeaways:

Overcoming the Belief that Work Speaks for Itself: Simply working hard is insufficient for career advancement. Instead, it's essential for women to actively make their achievements visible to those in positions of influence.

Educating vs. Bragging: The conversation addresses the common hesitation among women to speak up about their achievements. Dr. Wall clarifies that sharing accomplishments is not bragging but a necessary strategy for educating others about one's capabilities.

Strategic Visibility: Find out why it’s important to build visibility within an organization and how it relates to securing sponsorship, which is crucial for climbing the corporate ladder.

Practical Steps for Building Confidence and Visibility: Discover specific strategies for women to articulate their value effectively, including the use of storytelling and tailoring communication to the audience's interests to engage them more deeply.

Favorite Quotes:

“It becomes our responsibility as human beings, and especially as women, to make sure that we educate people about what it is we excel at.” – Dr. Alessandra Wall 

“Happiness isn't about always being in a state of joy, but rather finding meaning in what you do and being content with striving to do your best.” – Dr. Alessandra Wall

“When you truly fail and you realize you can come back from it, then failure is not frightening anymore.” – Dr. Alessandra Wall

Throughout the episode, the emphasis is placed on actionable steps that women can immediately implement to enhance their professional visibility and impact. The discussion is both motivational and practical, offering insights into the systemic changes needed to support women in leadership roles fully.

About Dr. Alessandra Wall

Psychologist turned elite executive coach Dr. Alessandra Wall has a big problem to solve.  Worldwide, smart, ambitious executive women work three times as hard for a fraction of the recognition they deserve.

She founded Noteworthy, an exclusive coaching and consulting firm, to advance these women and support companies that seek to retain, elevate, and attract them.

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