EPISODE 151 | FEBRUARY 14, 2024

Cultivating Vitality and Balance in Leadership with Dr. Susan Lovelle, Founder & CEO, Balanced Performance

Welcome to a special Valentine's Day edition of HerCsuite® Radio, where we embrace the art of thriving, both personally and professionally. Join us as we sit down with the incredible Dr. Susan Lovelle, a former award-winning plastic surgeon and the visionary behind Balanced Performance. Dr. Susan shares her fascinating transformation from a young girl who dreamt of becoming a doctor, to a professional ballerina, and finally, to a medical expert about women’s health. 

Listen in as we unpack the lessons from her journey and how self-compassion and treating oneself with the kindness we offer to friends can be a game-changer for women in leadership roles.

Our conversation with Dr. Susan doesn't stop there; we take a deep look into the transformative power of self-care. Dr. Susan recounts her move from an intense urban practice to a quieter rural life, which unexpectedly spiraled into a health crisis. Her personal story of overcoming multiple life-threatening health scares serves as a powerful reminder of the critical importance of prioritizing our health. 

Discover how she embraced nutrition, yoga, and stress management to not only heal but to also reinvent her career with a focus on holistic wellness. Dr. Susan's approach, outlined in her book “Thrive,” offers invaluable insights for anyone looking to enhance their well-being from within.

Rounding out this inspiring episode, we discuss the practical steps toward sustainable health improvements and the significance of setting manageable goals. Dr. Susan’s shares a story about a client who was able to eliminate drinking 25 diet cokes a day with small incremental changes. 

Favorite Quotes:

“What if we talked to ourselves the same way that we talked to our best friends, with that love and understanding and patience? If we were to do that, it would be spectacular.” – Dr. Susan Lovelle

“Transformation doesn't require grand gestures; it's the small steps that carry us toward lasting change.” – Dr. Susan Lovelle

“Your health narrative is your own to write. By embracing self-compassion and resilience, you take control of the pen and can script a story of wellness and success.” – Dr. Susan Lovelle

Whether you're an entrepreneur, an executive, or someone just starting on your health journey, Dr. Susan’s experiences are sure to motivate and guide you toward balanced performance. So take a moment for yourself this Valentine's Day, tune in, and let's thrive together.

Dr. Susan is a featured speaker for HerCsuite® Women’s Programs and a member of HerCsuite® Entrepreneur Mastermind Circle. Members have access to the special program Dr. Susan delivered and to her inside HerCsuite®.

Thank you Dr. Susan for being a featured guest today.

Special thanks to Bobbie Carlton and Innovation Women, where we first met Dr. Susan Lovelle.

Keep shining your light bright. The world needs you.

About Dr. Susan Lovelle

Dr. Susan Lovelle, a former award-winning plastic surgeon, is the Founder of Balanced Performance where she blends medical expertise with holistic wellness to enhance the personal and professional performance of busy executives. Focusing on energy, weight, and hormonal balance, her innovative programs ensure business success alongside personal health and well-being. Supporting professionals 40+ to achieve peak performance at work and home while staying balanced through lifestyle health.

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