Embracing Possibilities and Thriving Forward with Natalie Benamou

What would happen if you had limitless possibilities?  Welcome to a momentous celebration on HerCsuite® Radio as we mark our 150th episode. Hosted by Natalie Benamou, this podcast takes you on a journey of self-discovery, self-belief, and unearthing your potential.

Let's dive into an episode full of revelations and inspiring leadership insights.

Four years ago, an event led to the formation of a close-knit community of women leaders, fostering connections and fast-tracking their goals. A chance conversation with Melanie Neal sparked an idea that would later transform into a thriving platform, HerCsuite® Network, which continuously delivers impactful events.

Have you ever been told ‘you're really good at that?’ and discounted the comment?  Women are often discouraged from acknowledging their talents. Today, we're shifting that narrative to fully owning our gifts and sharing them with the world.”

Through the course of her entrepreneurial journey, Natalie realized her passion for curating events. However, she grappled with recognizing this as a strength, blinded by preconceived beliefs. Reflecting on her values and aligning them with her passion led to the creation of a new solution for women at organizations who are short on time and resources: Turnkey Speaker Packages.

Quote: “While hosting events, I had the unique opportunity to listen intently, understanding what women needed. As those who know me will attest, when I see a challenge, I'm compelled to find a solution, even before anyone knows there is an issue.”

Natalie's vision for the future extends beyond just providing solutions. She envisions a world where women face no constraints and can rise ‘higher, further, faster' without stress. The introduction of monthly speaker events for women at organizations seeks to fulfill this vision.

“I've been fighting with one hand tied behind my back. What happens when I'm finally set free?” Carol Danvers

How would you feel if you are finally freed from constraints? Women need to feel fulfilled and live their highest selves, and everything else will naturally align. You aren't just destined for greatness—you are already great. Now it's time to surround yourself with other women who understand you. 

Sharing gratitude to all of the speakers, members of HerCsuite®, advisors, to Meghan Draper, HerCsuite® Creative Director, Natalie’s two daughters and to you, the listener. This has been an incredible journey, we thank you for joining us and look forward to hearing how you thrive forward in your lives.

About Natalie

I have always had a ‘serve first’ approach to life and have held executive board roles. It has been an honor to be an advisor and mentor to senior businesswomen, as well as being President for three non-profit boards and launching our own non-profit Her Health Equity to create better health outcomes for all women.

Turning passion to action has been the inspiration for creating HerCsuite® leadership programs. I feel strongly that all women should feel valued, and it is our role to create experiences that make that possible.

I host HerCsuite® Radio for Women Leaders on the Move with the goal of helping women find inspiration from thought leaders. I also make it a point to include our HerCsuite® Individual members as guests on the show. We want to create avenues of visibility across pathways of opportunities.

Natalie Benamou

Welcome! I'm Your Host, Natalie Benamou, Founder, HerCsuite® Network.

Every week I bring you inspirational interviews and stories to help you get clarity about your future, step into your power so you can bold your brave.

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