EPISODE 166 | MAY 29, 2024

Cultivating Connections for C-Suite success

In a world where your network is your net worth, understanding the art of building influential connections is crucial for anyone aiming for the C-Suite or a Board Director role. Liesl Schmidt, a seasoned leader with decades of experience in commercial banking, offers a masterclass on cultivating connections to pay it forward.  

Discover how intentional relationship-building and strategic alliances can open doors to remarkable opportunities and career advancements.  Hear firsthand from Liesl as she shares: “Early in my career, I was mostly focused on routine tasks in banking, but the landscape rapidly changed with digital transformation. My advice to anyone listening is to always be prepared to evolve with your industry.”

Key Takeaways:

  1. The Power of Strategic Networking: Learn how to identify and engage with key individuals who can influence your career trajectory.
  2. Building Lasting Professional Relationships: Discover tips on nurturing connections that are both meaningful and mutually beneficial.
  3. Leveraging Leadership Roles: Gain insights into using your network to secure leadership positions and board roles.

Quotes by Liesl Schmidt:

“Every interaction in your career serves as a mini-interview; it's your chance to leave a lasting impression.”

“Learning to adapt and embrace new technologies not only kept me relevant but also propelled my career forward.” 

“Connections have been key to paying it forward throughout my career. It’s about lifting as we climb and making sure we’re not climbing alone.

“Executive sponsorship is more than mentorship. It's about being someone's champion in the rooms where decisions are made.”

Tune in to harness the strategies that helped Liesl Schmidt advance her career and discover how you can apply these lessons to elevate your own career.

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We thank Liesl Schmidt for being a featured guest, speaker and member of HerCsuite® Boards Mastermind circle. Special thanks to Naomi Kent, HerCsuite® Boards Circle Chair for introducing us.

Keep shining your light bright. The world needs you.

About Liesl Schmidt

Liesl Schmidt has spent over 30 years in commercial banking, with both Community and Super Regional banks. Currently, she is the Chief Operations Officer at River Valley Community Bank in Northern California, where she actively participates on their board. Before her current role, she was an Executive Vice President at U.S. Bank, the 5th largest bank in the United States. 

In addition to her banking expertise, she serves as a Director on the Adventist Health Community Board-Rideout Hospital, with a special interest in agriculture. Liesl specializes in organizational risk mitigation, growing companies while innovating and maintaining efficiencies, and has experience on the governance, audit, and compensation committees.

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