EPISODE 167 | JUNE 5, 2024

Cultivating Creative Passions with Candice Lee MacAulay

Unlock your creative potential with the inspiring story of Candice Lee MacAulay.  From navigating the world of PR and communications to testing video games in Japan, Candice's unconventional path led her to become a successful romance novelist and a thriving e-commerce entrepreneur. 

Learn how she harnessed her passion for storytelling and diversified her creative projects to avoid burnout, eventually creating personalized affirmation cards that resonate with her audience. Her journey is a testament to the power of pursuing what you love and finding fulfillment in unexpected places.

Candice talks with host Natalie Benamou about the concept of “bad art” and the liberating idea of starting without the fear of imperfection. Explore the joy of rediscovering creative passions and how they can enhance your professional life. I share my own experience of falling back in love with music through modern apps, and how this rekindled hobby has added a new dimension to my work. 

Advice on Finding Your Creative Passion: Make bad art. Do something, anything that will bring joy and excitement even if you are not good.

Step 1: Be bad at something

Step 2: It doesn’t matter if you stay bad at it

Step 3: Ask yourself, what would you do if it didn’t matter if you didn’t make money doing it.

Rewiring the brain: If you get used to be bad at something. This was fun. I enjoy it.

What happens when our brains try creativity? “Maybe I am bad at this, but it doesn’t matter, because it is fun.”

Make bad art. Do something, anything that will bring joy and excitement even if you are not good. Whether you're an aspiring author, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, or someone looking to reignite their creative spark, this episode is packed with practical advice and heartfelt stories to inspire you. 

Don't miss out, and remember to share your own creative experiences with us!

Favorite Quotes

“The first step to being good at something, is being bad at something.”-Candice Lee MacAulay

“Creating for the sake of creation is worth it in of itself”-Candice Lee MacAulay

Thank you Candice for being on the show today. We want to give a shout out to Lioness Magazine and their monthly networking events for women where we met!

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Keep shining your light bright. The world needs you.

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About Candice

Candice Lee MacAulay is a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur, multi-six-figure bestselling author, singer-songwriter, amateur music producer, affirmation product designer, and e-com store owner. As a Creativity Facilitator she helps those with a creative soul that's been drained and neglected re-fill their creative well so they can find fulfillment and joy in life again. 

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